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*   British Country Music Songwriter  Award 2014

   UK Country Artist of the Year  Award 2014
                           Finalist (See UKCR Award)
3rd Album -     
  Goldmine 2013
                             (see Music page)
*   UK Country Radio  Listeners Club Award 2013
                           Finalist (See UKCR Award)
2nd Album -       Beautiful World 2010 
                            (see Music page)
UK Songwriting Contest 2009  
                           12 Semi-Finals
Debut Album -    Road of Many Colours 2006
                            (see Music page)
UK Songwriting Contest 2007
                            Finalist + 5 semi-finals
UK Songwriting Contest 2005  
  3 Finalists + 3 semi-finals
UK Songwriting Contest 2004 
                           Finalist + 5 semi-finals
Diploma in Music
                           Songwriting 2004
International Song of Peace 2004  
                           Finalist - performed live in
                           Tipperary, Ireland
UK Songwriting Contest 2003 
                           Finalist + 4 semi-finals
Hertbeat fm Radio 'Battle of the Bands'
                            Winner 4 times 2001 & 2002 
American Song Festival - USA
                          Runner Up 1983 (1st success)

Chris's songwriting certificates

Songwriting Achievements

Chris Green - Songwriter
& Musician

UK Songwriting Contest

Chris first entered the UK Songwriting Contest in 2003 with some of his original songs and was delighted to achieve immediate success. This  prestigious competition attracts thousands of entries from all over the world and is well respected in the music industry. He maintained his success with 6 Finals & 29 Semi Final positions out of over 6,000 entries each time and decided that truly proved his songwriting skills, so no more competitions were necessary!

His talents as a songwriter were confirmed as each time he has entered the contest, he reached finals and semi finals with his impressive range of original songs in many different genres. In all the 5 competitions he has entered, he has reached a total of 35 semi-finals or finals.

A BIG thank you to the UK Songwriting Contest for pointing us in the right direction to take our music

Chris & Guitar
Chris's Songwriting Diploma

Did you know?...........

On the front of each of Chris's Songwriting Books it says:
"In this book lie some of the greatest songs ever written - but nobody knows!"