The incredible story behind the hit song
 'Little bit of Texas' !

Chris Green has undergone 3 Open Heart Surgeries in his life. Fortunately he has a very positive outlook on life and has immersed himself into his music.

Being a successful songwriter & musician, it is no surprise that he wrote a song about himself & his health! This is the story behind the very popular song  'Little bit of Texas'  which reached the semi-finals of the British Country Music Songwriter Award (listen below)

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City of Austin Skyline

Lee Heffingwell
City of Austin


Did you know...........
Country Music legend Willie Nelson comes from Austin, Texas

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Austin City Skyline

Because of the very personal connection he has with Austin Texas, Chris sent the song and songstory to the Mayor of Austin, Lee Heffingwell and was honoured to receive this letter from him ....